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Caring for Homeless Filipino Children Since 1979

In 1978, Marlys Danielson visited the Philippines. While in Cebu City she was moved with compassion for homeless children on the streets. She went home to Minnesota and told her friends about her experiences.

Paul & Marlys with Children
Paul & Marlys with Children

Early in 1979, Marly’s, now married to Paul Healy, and two other young Americans left for Cebu to begin a ministry of caring for homeless children. They fixed up a house,arranged a license from the government, learned the language and began taking in children.

Jennys two week Visit to the Cebu Childrens Home
Jennys two week Visit to the Cebu Childrens Home

As more children were coming into the home, a second house was established in 1985. Children were placed for adoption through the Philippine government’s inter-country adoption program. In 1992, the Schmidt Family Foundation of Canada built beautiful new facilities that greatly improved the ministry.


CSC’s history has been one’ of God’s great provision. And He has accomplished this through loving friends like you!

What is Children’s Shelter of Cebu? [CSC]

CSC is a ministry to homeless children in Cebu City, Philippines. We care for from 60 – 70 children at a time, offering residential services that address their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. CSC’s program is based on the belief that every child deserves a family. In our homes we simulate family life. For the children who are eligible for adoption, we work to see that they get placed in loving Christian homes. While at CSC the children receive quality care:

Fund raising for CSC
Fund Raising Patrick & Jane Wilson supporting the Fund raising for CSC

Spiritual needs are met in the context of a loving home environment. The children are  taught about God, and are encouraged to know him personally. Devotions and church attendance are a part of home life.

Fund raising using the children's art
Fund raising for CSC using the children’s art

Medical Care is an important part of the ministry, as many of the children come sick or malnourished. Our children receive the best medical care available. from visits to doctors and dentists, to tests, immunizations, medications, hospitalization and surgery, if needed.

Inter-country Adoption We cooperate with the Philippine government’s adoption program, and have seen our kids placed in 11 different countries. including Canada. the U.S., Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Loving Caregivers attend to the needs of the children. Houseparents serve as the substitute parental role models, helping the children cope with the difficult situations that led to their coming to CSC Child care workers help by preparing meals, giving medicines, and feeding and bathing the younger children.

Education is provided for school age children. Pre-school classes are taught at CSC Kindergarten, elementary and high school students go to local schools. CSC has tutors that work with the children in the late afternoon and evenings to supplement what they learn at school.

Social Workers handle the casework of each CSC child. This includes processing referrals, searching for and interviewing birth parents, gathering birth documents, preparing court petitions. planning and supervising the return of children to their families, when possible, keeping records and writing child study reports.

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Magellan the Spanish explorer first brought Christianity to Cebu – Philippines in 1521

Cebu Childrens home

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