Chinese Robes – Men’s

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Ming Dynasty – Tibetan Kesi Robe

Sold. Now held by The University of Alberta Museum.

Tibetan Cham Devil Dance Robe. Ming dynasty silk woven kesi central panel with the head of a Ming dragon and in the skirt a full elongated Ming dragon. Sleeves woven kesi clouds. Sleeve edges 18th century Chinese brocade. The back has on the silk kesi skirt a more circular Ming dragon over two smaller elongated dragons.The back sleeves of silk kesi are woven dragon body parts. Sleeve edges 18th century Chinese brocade.

Orientations magazine article.

Qing Dynasty – Navy Surcoat Dragon Robe with Rondels

Sold 1985 to Bernado Bertolucci for “The Last Emperor”.

Navy Surcoat woven matt silk with deep hand embroidered Lishui hem border in soft shades of blues and cream and matching sleeve borders.The eight dragon woven large rondels on the main body and six woven small dragons on the sleeves.

Qing Dynasty – Bronze Dragon Robe with Lishui Border

Dragon chi-fu bronze satin silk Robe with eight gold hand couched dragons chasing the pearl.

Large silk hand embroidered lishui border in shades of blues. Topped with small embroidered active waves.Covered with small clouds and imperial symbols of long life.

Dragon Robe brown satin from the wardrobe of the last foreign ambassador of the Ching Dynasty Li Hongzhang.

A Chinese statesman general and diplomat of the late Qing Dynasty, he made strenuous efforts to modernize China. 1823-1901

Lots more information on his interesting life and photos of his visit to England can easily be found. [photo with politicians and Lord Sainsbury ]

Qing Dynasty – Green Tibetan Cuba with Woven Brocade

Tibetan Cuba Olive Green embossed patterned woven velvet

With deep blue silk lining these chuba sleeves are long to keep the hands warm when horse riding.

Qing Dynasty – Woven Brocade with Dragons and Waves Robe

Another Story.

Qing Dynasty – Maroon Kesi Dragon Robe

Another Story.

Qing Dynasty – Mandarin Square Vest

Another Story.

Qing Dynasty – Gold Tibetan Cuba Robe

Another Story.

Qing Dynasty – Blue Embroidered Dragon Robe

Another Story.

Qing Dynasty – Brocade Robe Woven with Butterflies

Manchu woman’s informal robe brocade brown filled with gold file butterfly’s belonging to Li Hongzhang’s wife.

Qing Dynasty – Imperial Dragon Robe

Qing Dynasty – Yellow Childs Robe